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introduction of defensive barrier

Sep. 28, 2022

introduction of defensive barrier

Defensive barrier, also known as Hesco Barrier or Hesco Bastion, is an important form of protection in modern warfare, with the ability to resist the blast shock wave, can limit the destructive effect of the explosion within a certain range, widely used in combat troops, used as temporary bunkers, forts, pre-war command, to replace the traditional artificial trenches, effectively blocking the attack of gunfire bullets, powerful Reduce the casualties of soldiers and personnel. Widely used by the United Nations peacekeeping forces.

In actual use, the filling materials can be taken from the local area, especially suitable for the desert Gobi where there is a lack of stone. With the help of advanced tools such as excavators and forklifts, it is quick to install and can quickly form a strong protective wall of barbed wire, which is widely used in modern warfare because it is easy to install, foldable and easy to carry!

Other functions of defensive barrier.
Unlike traditional gabions (stone baskets), they can not only hold stones, but even finer sediment, and the filling materials are taken from local sources, especially suitable for use in the lower reaches of rivers or seashores where stones are lacking. With the help of excavators, forklifts and other advanced tools, the installation efficacy is dozens or even hundreds of times that of traditional sandbags. It can quickly build dykes to resist flooding.
introduction of defensive barrier

Specifications of defensive barrier from HG fencing.
The wire mesh container is made of high carbon steel wire, welded with a special welding process, and its yield degree, welding strength and other indicators are substantially improved surface treatment using hot-dip galvanizing or zinc-aluminum alloy process, substantially improving the corrosion resistance.
Heavy-duty non-woven geotextile liner has flame retardant and anti-UV properties, thus substantially improving the safety of transportation, installation, use, process and service life. The color is generally beige or green.

Wire diameter: 4-5mm; mesh hole: 50*50mm; mesh panel size: 2.21x2.13m,1.37x1.06m,0.61x0.61m; geotextile: heavy-duty non-fabric polypropylene; surface treatment: hot-dip galvanized or Zinc - 5% aluminum.

introduction of defensive barrier

Features of defensive barrier: easy to transport folded package, extremely mobile, easy to install, outstanding effect, easy to recycle.

HG Fencing company provides kinds size of defensive barrier, if you need, contact us: sales@wiremesh-fencing.com

Packing of Hesco barrier

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