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Field Fence
Field FenceField FenceField FenceField FenceField FenceField Fence

Field Fence

Material:              Iron steel wire

Certificate:           SGS, BV, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001

Brand:                  HG Fencing

Manufacturer:      HUA GUANG

Origin:                  China

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Field FenceField FenceField FenceField FenceField FenceField Fence

Field Fence for Goat Fence

☼ Field Fence Description

Field fencing is made from high quality hot dipped galvanised wire woven,the special hinged joints to reinforce the intersection of the horizontal and vertical wires, enhancing the impact resistance and resilience of the fence to absorb large impact energy and to spring back to its original shape quickly.
Field fences are available in a variety of heights and styles and feature graduated spacing, starting with a small opening at the bottom to help keep small animals out.

☼ Technical Parameters of Field Fence

● Material: Hot-dip galvanised wire, zinc-aluminium alloy wire

● Top and bottom wire diameter: 2.0mm - 3.7mm

● Intermediate horizontal wire diameter: 1.6mm - 3.0mm

● Vertical wire diameter: 1.6mm - 3.0mm

● Field Fence Height: 90cm - 200cm

HeightHorizontal wire space (cm)Vertical







Kont Type: Hinge Joint (Monarch Knot), S Knot (Square Deal Knot), Fixed Knot (Cross Lock knot)

Note: Wire diameter, height and cross-wire spacing can be customised.

☼ Field Fence Details and Types

Field Fence details and types

☼ Field Fence Types

Field fences can be divided into three different types depending on the type of weave.

● Hinge Joint (Monarch Knot)

● S Knot (Square Deal Knot)

● Fixed Knot (Cross Lock knot)

Type 1: Hinge Joint (Monarch Knot)

Hinge Joint Field Fencing with hinged joints are formed by winding vertical wires around horizontal wires. This construction can withstand a lot of pressure and can spring back to its original shape quickly after an impact. Each joint is made by winding the two vertical wires individually around the horizontal wires, resulting in greater strength and flexibility.

Hinge Joint (monarch knot) Field Fencing

Type 2: S knot (Square Deal Knot)

S knot (Square Deal Knot) fencing has S-shaped knots that are made by fixing a single wire to the intersection of two wires, horizontal and vertical, to strengthen the intersection. This type of filed fence can withstand the impact of large animals, suitable for cattle and sheep farming.

S knot (Square Deal Knot) Field Fencing

Type3: Fixed knot (Cross Lock knot)

Fixed Knot (Cross Lock Knot) field fence has a unique construction, using a single metal wire to form a strong knot to hold the horizontal and vertical wires together. The fence is extremely strong and can be installed quickly with fewer posts. Reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Fixed knot (Cross Lock knot) Field Fencing

☼ Field Fence Posts

Y shape posts are often used as Field Fence Posts, which are made of cast iron and are more durable and resistant to corrosion than a traditional wooden stake post. The Y-post has small holes for threading wire to hold the Field Fence in place, and a spike at the bottom of the post for easy insertion into the ground, making it very effortless to install.

Y Shape Field Fence PostY Shape Field Fence PostY Shape Field Fence Post

Y shape post Field Fence

☼ Production of Field Fence

Huaguang Fence company, use high quality galvanized steel wire, through the automatic weaving machine to weave the field fence, field fence mesh uniform, high amount of zinc, and support various specifications of field fence customization.

☼ Application of Field Fence

Field fencing can be used to protect animals such as goat, cattle, horses deer and llamas, as well as grasslands, farms, easy to install, low cost and can be installed on a variety of terrains including plains, hills and mountains, making it the perfect choice for ranchers.

Grassland Fence with Field Fence

Goat and Sheep Fence with Field FenceCattle Fence with Field Fence

Horse Fence with Field Fencellamas Fence with Field Fence

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Field Fence
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