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Hua Guang Wire Mesh Production Co., Ltd
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Introduction to Hexagonal Wire M...
Jan. 13, 2022
Introduction to Hexagonal Wire Mesh, Direct Manufacturer of Hexagonal Wire Mesh - Hua Guang Fencing

Light hexagonal wire mesh is also known as chicken wire mesh, while heavy hexagonal wire mesh is also known as gabion mesh. For example, galvanized hexagonal ...

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358 Anti-climbing Reinforced Secu...
Dec. 28, 2021
358 Anti-climbing Reinforced Security Fence

358 fence The holes are narrower and less likely to be crossed by objects, so small that it is difficult to cut them off with traditional hand tools. It is...

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HUAGUANG Temporary Fence
Dec. 14, 2021
HUAGUANG Temporary Fence

Temporary fence mesh is made of high quality hot dip galvanized pipe after bending and welding, also known as mobile fence, temporary isolation fence, mobile s...

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