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Clearvu Fence
Clearvu FenceClearvu FenceClearvu FenceClearvu FenceClearvu Fence

Clearvu Fence

Material:              Q195 or Q235 wire and pipe

Size:                    General specifications or customized on request  

Certificate:           SGS, BV, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001

Brand:                  HG Fencing

Manufacturer:      HUA GUANG

Origin:                  China

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Clearvu FenceClearvu FenceClearvu FenceClearvu FenceClearvu Fence

Description of Clearvu Fence

Clearvu Fence is a kind of 358 fence, due to its beautiful appearance, excellent strength, easy installation and anti-climbing and anti-cutting characteristics, 358 clearvu fence is very widely used in the world. It is mainly used in prisons, airports, military bases, airports, railroads, houses and other places.

▶ 358 fence means the mesh hole is 3'*0.5' and 8 gauge wire, the mesh opening is very small and the wire diameter is very thick. So the protection is very strong.

▶ compared with ordinary 358 fence, clearvu fence has higher strength and more beautiful because its mesh has bending.

▶ barbed wire can be installed on the top to further improve its security and protection.

▶ HG Fencing provides a complete set of fence, including matching accessories as well as technical guidance.

▶ If you need a free sample of Clearvu Fence, please Click Here.

Clearvu FenceClearvu Fence

Specification of Clearvu Fence

Technical Parameters:  

Clearvu Fence
Fence ModelHeight
Wire Dia.
Post Size Type
clearvu fence





Square Post 60*60, 80*80


C Post 60*80


H Post 44*100

surface treatment1. Black wire welded then hot-dipped galvanized
2. Powder coated after galvanized wire welded
3. PVC coated (plastic coating) after galvanized wire welded

Surface Treatment:

1. Hot Dipped Galvanized

Through the Hot dipped galvanizing process after welding, a protective layer is formed on the steel surface. This coating can effectively prevent oxidation corrosion and prolong the service life of steel.

2. Plastic Coating (PVC Coating) or Powder Coating after galvanized.

We choose high quality powder for spraying, which combines with the galvanized layer on the steel surface to form a more effective protective layer. It can better prevent the steel from oxidation and corrosion, Therefore, our fencing system can stay beautiful and strong for a longer time, and this treatment will make the fence more beautiful.

The difference between Plastic Coating and Powder Coating after galvanized:

PVC coated of Clearvu Fence

Popular Color

 RAL 6005 green, RAL 7016 grey, RAL 9005 black are common colors, all RAL colors can be customized.

color of clearvu fence

Details of Clearvu Fence

Clearvu Fence can largely prevent human climbing and general tool cutting due to its small mesh opening and unique design, which can better protect your surroundings.

Details of Clearvu Fence

The top of the Clearvu fence can be equipped with razor barbed wire and common barbed wire through the Y-shaped column, which can further play a protective effect. Mainly used in military, airport, troops, prisons, light rail, intercity trains and other important places of isolation.

Clearvu Fence with barbed wire

Production Process of Clearvu Fence

1.We use the most advanced full-automatic welding machine, after welding, the panel surface will be flat and high tensile strength .

2.The famous Akzo Noble powder makes the surface more beautiful and prolong the outdoor service life at  least 15 years.

Flat Panel Type

Production of Clearvu Fence

V-Bend Panel Type

Clearvu Fence Prodcution

Quality Control of Clearvu Fence

We have 3 times strict quality control from material to finished product to ensure high quality in every step of your order.

Row Material

Row Material of Clearvu Fence

After Welding

Quality Control of Clearvu Fence

After Powder Painted

Quality Control of Clearvu Fence

Package of Clearvu Fence

Package of Clearvu Fence


Clearvu Fence

Packing & Delivery
Clearvu Fence
Clearvu Fence
Clearvu Fence
Clearvu Fence
Clearvu Fence
358 fence
Clearvu Fence
prison fence
Military fence
anti hacksaw fence
anti cut fence
airport fence
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