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Defensive Barrier
Defensive BarrierDefensive BarrierDefensive BarrierDefensive BarrierDefensive Barrier

Defensive Barrier

Material:              Steel wire and non-woven geotextile

Certificate:           SGS, BV, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001

Brand:                  HG Fencing

Manufacturer:      HUA GUANG

Origin:                  China

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Defensive BarrierDefensive BarrierDefensive BarrierDefensive BarrierDefensive Barrier

Defensive Military Barrier, Hesco Barrier

☼ Defensive Barrier Description

Defensive Barrier also named Hesco Barrier or Military Barrier, is a multi-cell barrier system lined with a heavy-duty non-woven polypropylene geotextile made of welded zinc-aluminum coated steel mesh or galvanized steel wire mesh. Defensive Barrier commonly used for Military Bastion and flood barriers

☼ Defensive Barrier Specification

● Material: galvanized steel wire or zinc - 5% aluminum wire

● Wire diameter: 4.0mm - 6.0mm

● Mesh opening: 6.2mm× 76.2mm, 50mm× 50mm, 75mm× 75mm, 100mm× 100mm, etc.

● Non-woven geotextile: weight range is 200 - 400 g/㎡, thickness: 2.0mm - 3.5mm. the colors include green, grey, dark yellow, earth yellow.

Standard sizesHeightWidthLengthCells
MIL154”(1.37m)42"(1.06m32'9”(10m)4+5 cells
MIL224"(0.61m24"(0.61m)4'(1.22m)2 cells
MIL339”(1.00m)39”(1.00m)32'9”(10m)5+5 cells
MIL439”(1.00m)60”(1.52m)32'9"(10m)5+5 cells
MIL524"(0.61m)24”(0.61m)10(3.05m)5 cells
MIL666”(1.68m)24"(0.61m)10'(3.05m)5 cells
MIL787"(2.21m)84"(2.13m)91'(27.74m)4+4+5 cells
MIL854”(1.37m)48”(1.22m)32'9”(9.14m)4+5 cells
MIL939(1.00m)30"(0.76m)30'(9.14m)6+6 cells
MIL1087"(2.21m60”(1.52m)100(30.5m)5+5+5+5 cells
MIL1148"(1.22m)12"(0.3m)4'(1.22m)4 cells
MIL1284”(2.13m)42”(1.06m)108'(33m)5+5+5+5+5+5 cells
MIL19108"(2.74m)42”(1.06m)10'5”(3.18m)3 cells

Types of Defensive Barrier, Hesco Barrier

☼ Surface Treatment of defensive barrier

● Hot dipped galvanized before welded (common zinc layer) : 40 -80 g/㎡,  The zinc layer is thin and has average corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in dry, low rainfall environments. 

● Hot dipped galvanized before welded (thick zinc layer) : 240 - 260 g/㎡,  The amount of zinc is thick, suitable for various environments and a wide range of applications, making it the choice of many customers.

● Hot dipped galvanized after welded (thicker zinc layer ) : 450 -500 g/㎡,The amount of zinc is so thick that it will last for many years, even in a constantly humid, salty environment.

● Zinc - 5% aluminum wire : Zinc-aluminum alloy wire is a new type of material whose main advantages are better plasticity and adhesion of the coating and much higher resistance to atmospheric corrosion than conventional hot-dip galvanizing.

☼ Defensive Barrier Details

Defensive Barrier panelDefensive Barrier spiral wireDefensive Barrier, Hesco Barrire

☼ Connection types of defensive barrier

The defensive barrier is usually connected with spiral wire, which allows the gabion mesh box to be folded up for easy loading and transportation, and it can be quickly shaped, filled with soil or stones and put into application when in use. The springs are all made of high strength steel wire, which can greatly improve the sturdiness of the defensive barrier.

Spiral wire for Defensive Barrier, Heso BarrierSpiral wire for Defensive Barrier, Hesco Barrier

☼ Defensive Barrier Application

● Defensive Barrier is widely used in military warfare and can be quickly built to form defensive shelters that can effectively prevent bullets and explosive shrapnel shockwaves from harming soldiers.

● Defensive Barrier can also be used for flood control, filled with soil or rocks to form a strong defensive wall, making it difficult for water to pass through and maintaining the safety of the river.

Defensive Barrier, Heso Barrier Used for military barrierDefensive Barrier used for flood control barrier


Drawing of Defensive Barrier

Packing & Delivery
packing of Defensive Barrier
packing of Defensive Barrier
packing of military barrier
packing of military barrier
packing of flood barrier
packing of flood barrier
packing of Defensive sand wall
packing of Defensive sand wall
Defensive Barrier
Defensive Barrier
military barrier
military barrier
flood barrier
flood barrier
Defensive sand wall
Defensive sand wall
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