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600 sets of Canada temporary fences have been loaded

Sep. 08, 2022

Canada Temporary fence is also known as: simple base mobile fence. The fence is mostly for the wire diameter is thin flat piece of frame structure, the base with more than 4mm strip iron plate made, each net frame with two base with fixed. Installation process is simple, manipulation is light, for the necessary occasions of temporary isolation management. Canada mobile fence mainly uses top climp to connect between the main pieces of fence.

The usual surface treatment: galvanized first and then sprayed. Can effectively prevent acid rain and ultraviolet corrosion radiation, anti-corrosion performance is very high, in the case of no collision, the service life of more than ten years (color can be selected according to customer requirements)

canada temporary fence.jpg

features and uses of canada temporary fence

* The mesh is relatively small, the base can be connected according to the width of the mesh, isolation angle and flexible mobile, the overall guardrail connected to the stability is very strong, beautiful shape, occupy less space, disassembly and connection is convenient to move, also known as temporary guardrail and activity guardrail.

* Mainly used for important gatherings, festivals, sports events and other temporary barriers, safety isolation, guide the road line, to maintain order. Can also be used in the yard, construction sites, stations, terminals, parking lots, squares and other places of temporary isolation guidance. As the mobile fence are fixed with feet, the adaptability to the terrain is strong, easy to install and transport, without more than one person can complete.

Deatils of canada temporary fence

 canada temporary fence4.jpg

The general specifications of the canada temporary fence

Wire diameter: 3.5mm.

Mesh hole: 50X200mm

Overall dimension: 1.83X2.9m

Border tube size: 25X25mmx2.0mm

Middle support tube size: 20X20mmX2.0mm(horizontal vertical)

Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements

Recently 600 sets of Canada temporary fences have been loaded and shipped from HUA GUANG comany.

Here are the packing &loadding details


canda temporary fence.jpg

canda temporary fence3.jpg


canda temporary fence5.jpg

canda temporary fence4.jpg

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