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Anti Climb Fence
Anti Climb FenceAnti Climb FenceAnti Climb FenceAnti Climb Fence

Anti Climb Fence

Material: Q195 or Q235 wire and pipe

Size:  General specification or as your requiment 

Certificate: BV, ISO-9001, SGS


Origin: CHINA

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Anti Climb FenceAnti Climb FenceAnti Climb FenceAnti Climb Fence

What is anti climb fencing?

Want to keep your area safe and secure? You need an anti climb fence, anti-climbing fence is a kind of fence specially to prevent the intrusion of outsiders. The reason why anti-climb fence is anti-climbing is because the mesh spacing of the wire mesh is so tight that there is no room for cutting or placing hands or feet, which ensures security.

Anti security fence is the ultimate security fencing system. The close mesh is used in prisons and other secure facilities as it is virtually impossible to climb. The close mesh also means that the fence is very difficult to cut with any tools.

The high security fencing system has been recently developed to make it more secure than ever. The panels are covered by a continuous heavyweight clamp bar, which offers no place for leverage to prise it off. The system also has no removable fixings meaning that panels cannot be removed by would-be intruders.

The system also utilises cylindrical corner posts meaning that the fence line can run off at any angle, meaning that the fence is easy to install in almost any situation.

You can contact us for any needs, besides anti-climb welded wire mesh, we also provide temporary fence and chain link fence, etc. We will provide you with solutions about security.

Anti Climb Fence

fence modelheight of fence range (mm)width of panel range (mm)wire dia range (mm)mesh opening (mm)post size type (mm)

358 fence

Anti-climb fence

800-25002000-31003.0-5.012.6*76.2square post :60*60, 80*80
12.5*75C post 60*80mm
25.*75H post :44*100
popular panel size1800*24002100*24002400*24002475*31002200*2800
popular post size60*60*2.0(thk)60*80*2.0(thk)60*60*2.2(thk)60*60*2.5(thk)60*80*2.2(thk)
surface treatment1. Black wire welded then hot-dipped galvanized only
2. Powder coated after galvanized
3. PVC coated after galvanized

Surface Treatment

1. galvanized

The anti climbing fence has standard galvanized anti-corrosion, in galvanization process a layer of zinc is formed on the surface of steel. This coating protect steels against atmospheric corrosion.

2. galvanized and powder coating&PVC coated

Galvanized panel fencing systems may be optionally powder coated in a color of your choice. Powder coating enhances the anti-corrosion by preventing the oxidation of zinc, owing to which our fencing systems preserve their aesthetic qualities from even longer.

the difference of Galvanized and powder coating&PVC coated:

Galvanized and powder coating&PVC coated

Process of wire mesh

1. We use the most advanced full-automatic welding machine, after welding, the panel surface will be flat and high tensile strength .

2. The famous Akzo Noble powder makes the surface more beautiful and prolong the outdoor service life at least 15 years.

Flat Panel

anti climb fencing

PVC Coated

PVC Coated fence

Quality Control

Our 3 times strict quality control from material to the finished to guarantee high quality of your order from every procedure.

Row material


After welding

welding fencing

After powder painted

Clearvu Fence

Features of Anti-Climb Fence

1. Our wire mesh products are guaranteed for ten years;

2. This anti climb welded wire mesh is ISO9001 certified;

3. Aesthetically pleasing and durable and effective;

4. Hot-dip galvanized wire is welded for cut resistance and weather resistance;

5. High safety;

6. High quality galvanized coating, not easy to rust.


Various industries use our anti-climb fences, such as commercial, residential, government, industrial properties, ranchers, etc. Common applications are in train stations, airports, sidewalks, prisons, factories or bridges, stadiums, military barracks, etc.

Anti Climb Fence Application


Anti-Climb Fence

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Anti Climb Fence
Anti Climb Fence
Anti Climb Fence
Anti Climb Fence
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