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Gabion Boxes Fuctions and Amazing Benefits

Nov. 15, 2021

Hexagonal mesh gabions have been used successfully for many years in channel lining, river management, soil protection, slope stabilization and other applications. It offers many advantages over other types of construction products. Why is gabion mesh so popular? What are its advantages? 

Welded Gabion Boxes

Lower cost

Gabion mesh is very inexpensive to set up. Gabions are easy to develop and require limited tools, minimal structural preparation, no drainage and low cost rock fill, often from regional suppliers of stone or rock. Gabion frames require little maintenance and can become permanent structures if created and constructed properly.


Mesh gabions are strong and flexible enough to withstand the forces generated by water and soil. The most critical and appropriate strength residential properties as well as style criteria associated with gabions are perforated toughness, tensile strength, tensile openness and rust resistance of the mesh.

Leakage in the structure

Gabion mesh produces a natural free-draining structure. No hydrostatic pressure head is created behind the gabion mesh and flax mattress structure. Drainage is accomplished by gravity and dissipation because the porous structure allows air to actively circulate through it. The twisted hexagonal mesh structure of the individual units allows them to withstand uneven negotiations without failure.


Made of highly resistant twisted hexagonal mesh filled with often difficult to handle, long-lasting stones, the cooperatively developed monolithic framework can be used effectively during construction activities without loss of architectural honesty, resulting in a very resilient framework.

Hexagonal Gabion

Advantages and Disadvantages

Some of the advantages of gabion walls are: ease of handling and transportation, speed of construction, flexibility and permeability.

Gabions provide an easy to use method to reduce water velocity and protect slopes from erosion.

Some disadvantages are: gabions are sometimes criticized for being unsightly.

Gabions are more expensive than vegetated slopes or thrown rocks. The wire baskets used for gabions can suffer severe wear and tear from the abrasion of the wire caused by the bed load movement in high velocity water flow. It is also more difficult to install and requires large equipment.

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