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Introduction and application of barbed wire

Jul. 09, 2022


       Barbed wire is easy to construct, beautiful, corrosion and oxidation resistant, economical and practical, and has excellent features such as good deterrent effect, beautiful, convenient construction, economical and practical. The use is very wide, mainly used for pasture border, railroad, highway, industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, forest protection, military field, border guard post, prison isolation protection and other sites.

  The common specifications of double strand barbed wire are hot plating, cold plating, electroplating.

barbed wire (3).jpg

       Barbed wire in the use of many misconceptions, we need to do a good job of preparation before use.

  1: barbed wire installation needs the necessary stretch, here is not the need to stretch the special pencil. Because the barbed wire sent to the hands of the user is a bundle of winding together, the user from the most outside after the expansion, will be because of the metal wire contraction and spring back so that we need to use mechanical apparatus for the necessary stretch has reached the effect of straight, so that the installation of barbed wire is not only beautiful and beautiful to achieve a higher utilization rate.

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  2: barbed wire fixed to the column above the problem is also more prominent, many users buy their own to the cement pole but do not know if the barbed wire and its fixed, and some even directly in the cement pole above the winding a circle to achieve the purpose of fixed, in fact, the barbed wire manufacturer's proposal is to use wire will be tied together to achieve the purpose. However, it is still recommended that the user and barbed wire factory to buy special barbed wire post, because the existence of hooks for fixing so that more solid.

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