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Steel Plastic Geogrid
Steel Plastic GeogridSteel Plastic GeogridSteel Plastic GeogridSteel Plastic GeogridSteel Plastic Geogrid

Steel Plastic Geogrid

Material:              PP, steel wire

Size:                    General specifications or customized on request  

Certificate:           SGS, BV, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001

Brand:                  HG Fencing

Manufacturer:      HUA GUANG

Origin:                  China

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Steel Plastic GeogridSteel Plastic GeogridSteel Plastic GeogridSteel Plastic GeogridSteel Plastic Geogrid

Steel Plastic Geogrid

Description of Steel-plastic Geogrid

Steel-plastic Geogrid is a two-dimensional mesh with high-strength tensile steel wire and polyethylene as the main materials. This structure provides an ideal interlocking system to carry and spread forces more effectively and is suitable for reinforcement of large areas that are subject to long-term loads. 

Steel-plastic geogrid can be widely used in soft ground engineering such as highway, railroad, dam, port, tall retaining wall. It can also be used for safety protection in underground coal mines.

▶ Steel-plastic geogrid has the characteristics of high strength and small change.
▶ High strength, low creep, and adaptable to various environmental soils.

▶ Long life, anti-aging, and resistant to harsh environments such as acid, alkali, and salt.

▶ Construction is convenient and fast, short cycle time and low cost.

Specification of Steel-plastic Geogrid

Technical Parameters:

Product NameSteel plastic geogrid
 Raw materialSteel plastic
Tensile strenghth20-1500Kn
Mesh size128mm*128mm

Biaxial Steel-Plastic Geogrid
MD/TD ultimate tensile strength KN/m≥30≥50≥60≥70≥80≥100≥120
MD/TD elongation at ultimatetensile strength %≤3
Connection point ultimateseparation strength N≥300≥500

Heterotypic biaxial steel plastic geogrid
 MD ultimate tensile strength KN/m≥50≥60≥80 ≥80≥100  ≥120≥180 
 TD elongation at ultimate tensile strength KN/m ≥30≥60 ≥30  ≥50 ≥50 ≥50 ≥50
 MD/TD elongation at ultimate separation strength%       ≤3
Connection point ultimate separation strength N≥300≥500

Details of Steel-plastic Geogrid

● High strength, small creep, adapt to various environmental soils;

● It can effectively improve the interlocking and biting of the reinforced bearing surface, and enhance the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation.

Steel Plastic Geogrid

Production of Steel-plastic Geogrid

Steel Plastic Geogrid

Application of Steel-plastic Geogrid

Steel-plastic geogrid mainly used in engineering fields such as highways, railroads, bridge piers, docks, dams, slag yards, soft ground reinforcement, underground coal mine support, retaining walls and roadway crack prevention.

Steel Plastic Geogrid

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