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What are the advantages of Tubular Steel Fence

Feb. 24, 2022

What are the advantages of Tubular Steel Fence

What are the advantages of Tubular Steel Fence

The advantages of Tubular Steel Fence.

1The base material of zinc steel railings is made of steel, solid and durable.

2Zinc steel railing adopts assembled design, quick and easy to install.

3Zinc steel railings are environmentally friendly and do not pollute the environment, solving the problem of common products polluting the building.

4Zinc steel railing from steel, accessories to painting, are used high-quality brand products, from the fundamental guarantee product quality.

5Zinc steel railings use stainless steel security screws, anti-theft design, to solve your worries. Zinc steel railings have good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and humidity and heat resistance, suitable for different geographical areas.

6, zinc steel railings using high-end imitation enamel electrophoresis process and electrostatic spraying process, so that the guardrail products have a good self-cleaning performance, rain and water gun spraying can be as clean as new.

What are the advantages of Tubular Steel Fence

Tubular Steel Fence: what accessories to do Tubular Steel Fence from Hua Guang Fencing?

Tubular Steel Fence is assembled by the guardrail tube and guardrail accessories, through a variety of colors after the spraying process, installed in the balcony, stairs, windows, roads, fences and other scenes.

一、 the main material part: by the surface tube, column, horizontal rod, vertical rod four parts; material for or.

1. Commonly used surface tube specifications and thickness.

Waist round tube (30 * 60, 40 * 80, 45 * 95), thickness (1.0mm-2.0mm between)

Rectangular tube (40*60, 40*80), thickness (between 1.0mm-2.0mm)

2. Commonly used column specifications and thicknesses.

Square tube (50*50, 45*45, 42*42, 40*40), thickness (between 1.0mm and 2.5mm)

Rectangular tubes (20*40, 40*60), thickness (between 1.0mm-2.5mm)

3. Commonly used crossbar specifications and thicknesses.

Square tube (30*30, 32*32, 35*35, 40*40), thickness (between 1.0mm-2.0mm)

4. Commonly used vertical bar specifications and thickness.

Square tube (16*16, 19*19, 20*20, 25*25), thickness (between 0.8mm-1.5mm)

Waist round tubes (12*25, 15*25), thickness (between 0.8mm and 1.5mm)

Shaped tube (18*23 hexagonal tube), thickness (between 0.8mm-1.0mm)


二、The fence accessories: to face tube, column, horizontal rod, vertical rod four nodes to classification


Face tube accessories: wall fixed card, wall decorative cover, face tube 90 ° corner tee, two-way, face tube T-way, straight and some non-standard custom class connections.

Column accessories: fixed seat, gasket type U-shaped card, square joint, column base plate, bracket column base plate, several word clamps, bottom cover, combined column base cover, etc..

Accessories for horizontal poles: fixing blocks, U-shaped cards, square joints, etc.

Accessories for vertical poles: waterproof straight tops, wear-resistant sleeves.

Decorative flower parts: four-sided auspicious cloud flower, butterfly flower, spider flower, begonia flower, wheat ears flower, seahorse flower, double round orchid flower, etc.

Fixing screws: pulling screws, pulling rivet screws, drilling screws, anti-tampering screws, etc.

What are the advantages of Tubular Steel Fence

What are the advantages of Tubular Steel Fence

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