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Advantages and Types of Field Fencing

Dec. 06, 2022

Advantages of Field Fencing

If you are keeping sheep, cattle, horses, chickens, ducks, pigs and other poultry on your farm, it can be a challenging problem to keep them contained as these animals can easily climb over many types of fences and some fences can be harmful to the animals, but Field Fencing can be the perfect solution.

Field Fencing

1. The field fence is made of thick galvanised steel wire which is strong enough to withstand heavy impacts from animals.
2. Because it is woven, the field fence is very flexible and resistant to compression, and can quickly recover its original shape after being hit by an animal.
3. Because of its unique strong weave structure, when parts of the fence are damaged, the rest of the structure will not change.
4. Compared to ordinary barbed wire fencing, the unique structure of the field fence will not harm animals.

Field Fencing for horse fenceBarbed Wire Fence

5. Compared to wooden farm fences, field fences have a very good corrosion resistance, because the surface has a thick layer of zinc, so even in long-term wet acidic environment, will not be corroded, applicable life, can be in more than ten years.

Field FencingWooden farm fence and field fencing

Types of Field Fencing

There are three different types of field fencing available, including Hinge Joint (Monarch Knot) Field Fencing, S Knot (Square Deal Knot) Field FencingFixed Knot (Cross Lock knot) Field Fencing

1. Hinge Joint Field Fencing also be called Monarch Knot Field Fencing

Each joint of the hinged joint field fence is formed by twisting two vertical wires around each of the horizontal wires, making it very strong and able to withstand the violent impact of animals.

Hinged knot field fences. These field fences are reinforced at each wire intersection, with the vertical wire wrapped around the horizontal wire. They are stronger than welded wire fences.

Hinge Joint Field Fencing

2. S Knot (Square Deal Knot) Field Fencing

S knot (Square Deal Knot) Field fence is strengthened by fixing a wire to the intersection of horizontal and vertical wires. This construction is very robust, compared to welded fencing.

S Knot Field Fencing

3. Fixed knot field fences. also known as Cross Lock knot Field Fence, this type of field fence is reinforced at each wire crossing, making it stronger and more durable compared to other types of field fencing.

Fixed knot field fence

If you require, barbed wire can be added to the top of the field fence or electrified for added protection. HG FENCING's factory can produce various types of high quality field Fencing and barbed wire, so please feel free to contact us for design proposals and quotations if you require.

Field Fence with barbed wireField Fence production

Pictures of the storage and loading of field fences.

storage and loading of Field Fencing

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