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What is difference between Small / Heavy Hexagonal Mesh?

Nov. 14, 2022

Hexagonal mesh is a twisted hexagonal mesh with hexagonal holes, divided into heavy hexagonal mesh and small hole hexagonal mesh. The two types are similar in appearance, but their uses are very different, and here are some of the differences.

Introduction to heavy hexagonal wire mesh

Heavy hexagonal wire mesh is also known as hexagonal gabion mesh, it is made of galvanized steel wire, plastic-coated steel wire or zinc-aluminum alloy wire twisted and woven, the mesh is hexagonal, the wire diameter is above 2.0 mm, below 4.0 mm, woven by heavy vertical gabion mesh machine production, generally used in water conservancy projects, laid in the river bottom, bank slope, the bottom of bridges and other locations, to improve and protect the river, bridges, roads, railways, etc.. It is often made in the shape of a net box and filled with stones, which is protective and easy to construct, and it is also a green product, often used for ecological protection. The mesh holes of heavy hexagonal mesh are generally 60*80mm, 80*100mm and 100*120mm. The length of the mesh box is generally 1-6m, the width 1-2m and the height 0.17-1m.

details of heavy hexagonal wire meshapplication of heavy duty hexagonal gabion wire mesh

Introduction of small Hole hexagonal wire mesh

Small hole hexagonal wire mesh, also known as chicken wire mesh, is made from finer steel wire or plastic-coated wire twisted into a hexagonal mesh with a diameter of 0.4mm to 1.8mm. It is produced by a lighter horizontal hexagonal wire mesh machine and is generally used for poultry protection, home gardening and wall protection materials etc.. The mesh size is divided into several categories: 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch and so on.

Details of small hole hexagonal wire meshSmall hole hexagonal wire mesh, Chicken Wire Mesh

The difference between heavy hexagonal wire mesh and small hole hexagonal wire mesh

1, production machinery is different. Small hole hexagonal wire mesh using horizontal hexagonal mesh machine weaving production, simple machinery; heavy duty hexagonal mesh using vertical hexagonal mesh machine weaving production, machinery is relatively bulky, higher production costs.

production of heavy hexagonal gabion mesh in huaguang's factoryproduction of hexagonal chicken wire mesh huaguang's factory

2, The size of the mesh is different. As the use of different scenarios and production machines are different, their design mesh is also different.

3, Different wire sizes. Restricted by the production machinery, the two hexagonal wire mesh have their own wire diameter range of application.

4, Different application scenarios. In use, although the same called hexagonal mesh, but each has a different purpose of use, they have their own use value. Heavy Duty hexagonal mesh is generally used to deal with rocks, or for water conservancy projects, or for intercepting falling rocks; small hole hexagonal mesh Chicken Wire Mesh ) is commonly used in poultry protection, walls, stairs and other reinforced shelters, but also commonly used in greening projects.

5, the cost and selling price is different. Heavy duty hexagonal wire mesh often uses 2.0-4.0mm diameter galvanized wire, zinc-aluminum alloy wire and other materials for processing, while small hexagonal wire mesh usually uses 0.4-1.5mm black wire or 1.0mm galvanized wire for weaving, the difference in the cost of raw materials used between the two is relatively large.

Package of Heavy duty hexagonal gabion mesh in HG Fencing's factorypackage of small hole hexagonal chicken wire mesh in HG fencing's compay

HG Fencing factory has more than 20 years experience in making hexagonal wire mesh, we can provide customers with various specifications of hexagonal wire mesh, heavy duty hexagonal wire mesh and small hole hexagonal wire mesh (chicken wire mesh), welcome to contact us at any time.

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