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Plastic geogrids for roads and railroads

Jun. 22, 2022

Plastic geogrid is a two-dimensional grid or a three-dimensional grid with a certain height made of polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other polymers by thermoplastic or molded. Plastic geogrid is widely used in dams, tunnels, docks, highways, railroads, construction and other fields. Anping Huaguang plastic geogrid is widely used in high speed at home and abroad, and has good superiority in construction simplicity, resistance to natural factors, durability, stability, environmental effects and economic benefits.


Geogrids are divided into four categories: plastic geogrids, steel geogrids, glass fiber geogrids and polyester warp-knitted polyester geogrids. Its application scope.

1, Mainly used in retaining walls, bridge abutments, steep slope projects, etc.

2, retaining walls and bridge abutments belong to the force structure body, bear all the external load: active earth pressure, dynamic load of the upper part of the structure body, temperature stress, etc..

The reinforcement material is under large tension for a long time, and the repeated action of dynamic load, the molecular structure of the material will produce fatigue, its performance decay, and accelerate the aging of the grating. In order to avoid large deformation of the structure due to creep of the reinforcement material, a one-way geogrid made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) should be selected.


Plastic geogrid in the construction of highways and railroads in the economic benefits of the introduction, let's take a look at.

1. in the construction of highway construction, the use of two-way tensile plastic geogrid, to prevent the use of costly excavation and the remediation of the replacement of the roadbed, it can control the soil loading force, the soft soil roadbed reinforcement in the roadway project, to eliminate the risk of damage to the overall stability of the embankment with lateral displacement.

2. In both ends of the roadway slope protection, the use of plastic geogrid contact spray anchor concrete construction method, can save 30-50% of the capital, and can shorten the construction period more than double.

3. In highway construction, asphalt road construction by adding geogrid, can delay the fatigue cracks up to 3-9 times, effectively extend the service life, can reduce the thickness of asphalt structure up to 36%, can cut rutting traces 50%, improve the quality of road repair works, especially in the heavy car traffic on the road has obvious superiority.

In the railroad construction, especially in the high-speed railroad foundation construction, two-way plastic geogrid is used to fix the base of the road, which can save the cost and make the railroad road construction quality a grade up.


Since the polymer macromolecules of plastic geogrid will be rearranged and reoriented with the heating extension process in the manufacturing, it strengthens the linkage between the molecular chains and achieves the purpose of improving its strength. Its elongation is only 10% to 15% of the original sheet. If anti-aging materials such as carbon black are added to the geogrid, it can be made to have better durability such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging.


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