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What kind of wire mesh fence is best installed in the coastal area?

May. 05, 2018

At the seaside, not only the air is clear and the scenery is beautiful. In particular, the view of ebb and tide ebb tide is more spectacular, so both coastal residents and tourists to the sea like to view the scenery on the sea. Therefore, for the sake of safety, most fences are installed on the seashore to ensure the safety of tourists. However, due to the high humidity in the sea and the relatively high alkalinity of seawater, the rust life of the fence nets is greatly shortened. so what kind of wire mesh fence is better for these coastal areas?

First of all, starting from the production materials of the products, changing the production materials is a major way to reduce the frequency of corrosion of the wire fence mesh. The current rail fence production materials are still represented by iron metal, because this metal is the cheapest and most easily processed of all production materials. To ensure that the product has good corrosion resistance, we must improve the production process of the fence mesh. 

First of all, before the production and processing of iron wire, first use galvanized technology, the wire is processed into galvanized wire, which can directly improve the product's corrosion resistance. After the completion of the overall production, it is also possible to use secondary galvanizing technology to enhance the corrosion resistance of all parts of the wire mesh fence and maximize the protection against rust.

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