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Features and Advantages of Grassland Cattle Fence

Oct. 28, 2021

Grassland cattle fence (grassland fence, field fence) is a kind of livestock fence widely used in grassland areas to protect the ecological balance and prevent landslides, with exquisite appearance, strong and durable and low price, which is widely used for road and other engineering protection at home and abroad in recent years.

Grassland cattle fence

Grassland cattle fence From Huaguang Fence taking materials generally use hot-dip galvanized wire, the amount of zinc is generally 60 grams per square meter -100 grams, wet areas require higher, using about 230 grams of wire, African regions also use cold galvanized wire to make grassland cattle fence.

Horizontal wire, 80KG-90KG tensile strength, to increase the impact resistance of the net; longitudinal wire, with 40KG-50KG tensile strength of low carbon steel wire, in order to wind on the horizontal wire, winding side wire can not be less than 2.5 turns, the inner wire can not be less than 5 turns (winding with 2T-3T mechanical (When winding, add 2T-3T mechanical pressure to prevent the longitudinal wire from sliding).

Grassland cattle fence

The grassland cattle fence has a novel structure, strong and precise, smooth surface, even mesh, strong integrity, toughness, no merging, anti-slip, anti-pressure, windproof, rainproof, no matter how bad the local natural conditions, the service life is generally up to decades. Even if partially cut, local pressure does not occur loose deformation phenomenon, and has a strong anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation ability, have the general wire mesh does not have the advantages. And also overcome the shortcomings of welded wire mesh welded points easy to open weld off, a one-time installation never loose.

Cattle fence mesh surface requirements: flatness for every 50 meters long up and down undulation point not more than 1 (10 square centimeters), up and down undulation height not more than 10MM, grid left and right error not more than 3MM, each volume of cattle fence mesh transverse wire does not allow joints, grid breakage rate of 0.

Use of grassland cattle fence netting: It is convenient to plan the use of grassland resources, effectively improve the utilization rate of grassland and grazing efficiency, prevent the degradation of grassland and protect the natural environment. It is also suitable for the establishment of family farms with professional farmers and herdsmen to set up border guards, farmland boundary fences, forest nurseries, closed mountain forestry, tourist areas and hunting areas, construction site isolation maintenance, etc.

Grassland cattle fence

Grassland cattle fence

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