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How to install the wire mesh fence for stadium?

Feb. 08, 2018

There are something wrong when installing the wire mesh fence:

(1) It is wrong to use the iron pliers to open the connecting groove. This will damage the surface protection of the wire mesh fence. It will affect the service life.

(2) It is wrong to enlarge the wire mesh fence spacing. It surface is easy to loose, and it will easy to fall off. In this way, it also can not play a protective role.

Stadium wire mesh fence correct installation method:

Fix the first column of the stadium's fence first and then attach the mesh to the column, followed by the second column. Pick up the second column fixed. Then hook the second mesh, and the third column. Tighten the mesh after the third column fixed. And so on, a set of installation can be. This installation is both solid and does not damage the mesh.

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