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4 types of razor wire

Dec. 08, 2023

razor wire install on chain link fence

☼ Introduction of Razor Wire

Razor Wire is known as razor wire fence, has many blades wrapped in wire, is a very widely used security material, often used in prisons, military bases, factories and other places that require high protection and security.

The blades of razor wire are stamped from galvanised steel or stainless steel, and then wrapped around highly tensile wire. There are many different blade shapes, some of the more popular types are BTO-22 and CBT65. (See below for a table of blade shapes for razor wire).

Blade Types & Specification
Blade TypeBlade StyleBlade Thick
ness (mm)
Wire Diam
eter (mm)
Barb Length
Barb Width
Barb spacing
BTO-12BTO-12 razor barbed wire0.5±0.052.5±0.112±115±126±1
BTO-18BTO-18 razor barbed wire0.5±0.052.5±0.118±115±133±1
BTO-22BTO-22 razor barbed wire0.5±0.052.5±0.122±115±134±1
BTO-28BTO-28 razor barbed wire0.5+0.052.5±0.128±115±145±1
BTO-30BTO-30 razor barbed wire0.5±0.052.5±0.130±118±145±1
CBT-60CBT-60 razor barbed wire0.6±0.052.5±0.160±232±1100±2
CBT-65CBT-65 razor barbed wire0.6±0.052.5±0.165±221±1100±2

☼ Types of Razor Wire

There are several types of razor wire depending on the structure, including: concertina wire, flat razor wire, straight razor wire.

Concertina wire is the most popular type of razor wire, which is constructed in a spiral shape and is often placed individually or installed on walls or fences.

Concertina wire type of razor wire

Flat razor wire is a combination of several coils of razor wire bound together by clips or ties, with the coils of the wire on a flat surface, and is often welded to a border to form a fence or mounted on the top of a wall or fence.

Flat razor wire install on the wallFlat Razor Wire install on the fence

Straight razor wire is often mounted on top of a fence or welded into a mesh, such as square hole barbed wire, diamond shaped barbed wire, or rectangular barbed wire. It can play a very good role in preventing intrusion.

Straight razor wire install on the steel picket fenceStraight razor wire mesh

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