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9000 Pieces of 358 security fence are loading in HuaGuang factory

Apr. 15, 2022

358 Fence Panel2.jpg

9000 pieces of 358 fence panel is loanding in Anping County HuaGuang wire mesh production co.,Ltd,and then will be sent to south Africa

358 fence also called 358 security fence , is a kind of welded wire mesh with tall appearance and protective spiked mesh on top, the wire mesh is galvanized, sprayed or coated with plastic treatment, which ensures the degree of sturdiness and durability while protecting the beauty.

358 Fence Panel3.jpg

Material: low carbon steel wire, steel wire welded and plastic coated, also can be individually electroplated, hot-dip galvanized and plastic sprayed.

The use of 358 mesh: industrial, prison, guardhouse, post, restricted area, traffic and other industry fencing, decoration, protection and other facilities.

358 Fence Panel4.jpg

Features of 358 mesh products: good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful and generous. Easy and quick installation.

358 fence precision process: dense pattern fence mesh is a special mesh, mesh hole is relatively small, the welding technology and machine requirements are relatively high. The regular specification is: 12.7x76.2mmx4mm.

358 fence3.jpg

Combine the dense 358 mesh with ordinary fence mesh to form a special fence with high anti-climbing isolation protection mesh, which is more and more popular and common.

358 fence2.jpg

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