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How to choose the suitable steel picket fence

Jul. 08, 2024

Steel picket fence is known as garrison fence or spear top fence, beautiful appearance, long service life, often used as residential fence or factory fence, park fence and so on. How to choose a suitable Steel picket fence?

Steel Picket Fence

1. Firstly, according to the need, determine the height of the fence, Steel picket fence height is usually 1.8m, if you need better safety protection, then you need to buy 2.1m or 2.5m.

2. The larger the size of the horizontal (rail) and vertical (picket) posts of Steel picket fence, the thicker the thickness, the better the quality and the higher the lifespan. The general size of the horizontal bar is 40*40mm, the vertical bar is usually 25*25mm, and the thickness is usually 1.2mm.

Fence StyleSteel Fence,Aluminum Fence, Wrought Iron Fence,
Panel size(mm)2400L x 2100H, 2100L X 1800H, 1800L x 1500H, etc.
Rail size (mm)40 x 40mm, 40 X 30mm, etc.
Pickets size (mm)25x 25mm,19x 19mm,16x1 6mm, etc.
Post size (mm)60X60mm, 50X50mm, etc.

3. Choose different colours according to the use of different environments. Generally black and green Steel picket fence is the most popular.

4.Choose your favourite style, Hua Guang fence can produce many styles of Steel picket fence, the picture below can be used as a reference.

Types of steel picket fence

5.If you want to have a longer service life, choose Steel picket fence with galvanised pipes welded and sprayed with plastic, and finally assembled with stainless steel anti-theft bolts on site.

6. Warranty time to choose more than 10 years, so that the materials used will generally be more secure.

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