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Hua Guang Wire Mesh Production Co., Ltd
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Huaguang Wiremesh Wish You have ...
Feb. 11, 2018
Huaguang Wiremesh Wish You have a Happy New Year!

The Spring Festival in China is coming and the renewal of vegetation in Vientiane will be renewed. The new season of sowing and harvesting will begin agai...

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How to install the wire mesh fence ...
Feb. 08, 2018
How to install the wire mesh fence for stadium?

There are something wrong when installing the wire mesh fence: It is wrong to use the iron pliers to open the connecting groove. This will damage the surface...

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Attention to the Surface Treatmen...
Feb. 05, 2018
Attention to the Surface Treatment of Highway Anti Climb Fence

The whole Anti Climb Fence should be kept horizontal and vertical, the mesh surface should be leveled, to ensure uniform mesh and strong soldering.

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