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Shingle Tile
Shingle TileShingle TileShingle TileShingle Tile

Shingle Tile

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Shingle TileShingle TileShingle TileShingle Tile
Villa in the upscale residential, shopping malls and schools, libraries, museums, hospitals view rooms government agencies and enterprises, office buildings, is also well suited to slope and old roofing

                Stones metal tile because of the large chip area, are between tile fastening, nailing a fixed level, so simple and quick installation, the roof may be a steel frame, steel truss, timber roof, concrete roofing. The following stones tile usually wooden (wooden handle bars) or steel dragon skeleton.


Main Accessories

                1、Tile color according to the color card selection, special color need to sample confirmed.

Color Card

                Colorful Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile is a natural colored stone tablets after UV coating, adhesive made of galvanized steel sheet on one metal tile. Lake stones metal tile with galvanized steel-based raw materials, the appearance of processed dressing nine special material made of beautiful colors and durable is not bad. Galvanized steel is aluminum (55%), zinc (43.4%) and silicon (1.6%) is made, and made binding the corrosion resistance and anti-rust effect of zinc aluminum, specially processed metal tile, It will not rust due to oxidation air, solid quality to be elegant colors. Having a dozen different colors of olive green, golden yellow, Begonia red, blue ocean, desert gold, black carbon black, Chinese red.
1, light weight, environmentally friendly economy. Per square meter is about 5.8kg, ceramic tile and cement tile is only 1/8 or so. Facts have proved that there is no need to strengthen the loading capacity of the roof support systems, and transportation, the construction is very lightweight, so you can save a lot of costs, coupled with its reusability, are widely used in villas, apartments, clubs, and flat to pitched on all kinds of public buildings.
2, good durability and long life. Metal color stone tile should be by far the most economical ideal roofing material, it is not afraid of wrestling, not afraid to drop, heat resistant, flame retardant, waterproof, corrosion resistance, widely used.
3, the construction is simple. Stones metal tile easy to cut, easy to bend, only about 2 per square meter, the use of safe, quick to install, requires little maintenance and repair.
4, anti strong winds. Based on its unique horizontal nailing installation, metal color stone tile roof for a variety of construction, including high-rise buildings. Its good performance against a strong wind, has been confirmed in numerous project examples.
5, beautiful and modern. Since the gravel itself diffuse reflection characteristics, combined with bright colors and three-dimensional appearance, making the stones metal tile become great popularity worldwide roofing tile material.

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Shingle Tile
Shingle Tile
Shingle Tile
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